The Bridge to
Targeted Temperature Management™
In Just 10 Seconds.

The Fast, Effective Cooling Solution

From EMS…to Emergency Deparment…to Cath Lab & ICU.

Watch How the Cryo Cooling System Works:

The Cryo Cooling System is
Simple & Fast.

Intuitive, trainable, and adoptable. Simply break the Cryo Cooling Element’s inner pouch to activate its patented formula.

Insert it into the Cryothermic Cooling Collar, which holds the pack in place to extract heat from the vessels in the neck. It requires no advanced certification and takes less than 10 seconds.

C-collar option shown; Cryothermic Wrap version also available.

A Cost-Effective Solution

The Cryo Cooling Element is the most cost-effective method to initiate and continue cooling, whether prehospital use by EMS or in the ICU for fever control. Cryo Cooling Elements are inert until activated, requiring no electrical power, refrigeration or external equipment.

Note: cooler or refrigerator storage will increase cooling duration significantly.

A Safe and Proven System for Early Cooling.

The Cryo Cooling Element fits 2015 AHA Guidelines and has demonstrated patient cooling equal to chilled saline in out-of-hospital sudden cardiac arrest patients.1 AHA Guidelines in 2015 strongly recommend against the use of Chilled Saline due to observed side effects of rearrest and pulmonary edema.2

AHA Supports Early Cooling with an Alternative to Saline:

American Heart Association Guidelines – 2015
The Task Force recommends targeted temperature management for adults with out-of-hospital cardiac arrest with an initial shockable rhythm at a constant temperature between 32°C and 36°C for at least 24 hours. Similar suggestions are made for out-of-hospital cardiac arrest with a nonshockable rhythm and in-hospital cardiac arrest.

The Task Force recommends against prehospital cooling with rapid infusion of large volumes of cold intravenous fluid.2

Not All Cooling Packs are Created Equal.

The Cyro Cooling Element is 15 degrees Celcius colder than standard ice packs.