Cooling Heat Stroke? Time Matters.

CRYO Serves as the Bridge to Cold Water Immersion Therapy.

Cold water immersion is the gold standard for exertional heat stroke (EHS), but the process takes valuable time to commence. Transport to the locker room. Preparing of the ice bath. These activities consume valuable time when effective cooling needs to be in place. The Cryo Cooling System® provides for aggressive cooling IMMEDIATELY after collapse on the field. It’s simple, safe and cost-effective for use by all athletic trainers.

Without treatment, heat stroke victims can die within 1 hour of collapse.

The National Athletic Trainers Association recommends cooling within 30 minutes of onset of heatstroke. Now athletic trainers can initiate medical-grade cooling immediately with the Cryo Cooling System.


“Initiation of efficient cooling immediately after the EHS event (collapse), beginning at the site of the event, is of crucial importance and cannot be emphasized enough.”

The “Golden Hour” for Heatstroke Treatment, MILITARY MEDICINE, 169, 3:184, 2004


Exertional Heat Stroke (EHS) is one of the most common causes of death in athletes. Now trainers can fight EHS at onset with a single, non-invasive Cryo pack that lowers body temperature up to 5.4°F in 20 minutes! Simply punch the pack and apply to carotid triangle region on the neck of the athlete for immediate, medical-grade cooling prior to cold water immersion treatment.

The Cryo Cooling Pack – Simple, Fast & Effective.

Demonstrated To Lower Body Temperature up to 5.4°F (3°C)

in 20 minutes!

So Simple to Apply. So Fast to Cool.

Fast Cooling of Athletes.

Fast Cooling of Military.

Fast Cooling of Firefighters.

Cryo is Trusted by EMS, Emergency Rooms & the ICU!

Now bring the same medical-grade treatment onto the field with you!

Treat heat stroke immediately on the field.

FDA-registered medical device serves as a trusted “bridge to cold water immersion.”

It’s known as the “Golden Hour” in exertional heatstroke. It’s the immediate window of time in which rapid cooling can have an enormous impact on prognosis. A delay in cooling can result in multi-organ failure, neurologic damage, and even death.

The Cryo Cooling Pack should be used immediately after collapse from heat stroke, cooling a patient simply and non-invasively via the carotid triangle region on the neck, where the body’s entire blood supply passes every 3.5 minutes. It’s simple to apply, low in cost, and high on efficacy.

Plus, based on how the Cryo pack rapidly cools the blood supply, athletes appreciate effective cooling without discomfort, complications, or shivering. Additional Cryo packs should be placed on the axilla and groin regions until the athlete is below 102 (degrees symbol) F and according to your heat stroke protocol.

The Cryo Cooling System is designed to be your “Bridge to cold water immersion therapy.”

It is intended to be used immediately until immersion equipment is ready and available.,

“Postponing the cooling treatment until more sophisticated equipment is available may be harmful or even life-threatening”

Military Medicine

The "Golden Hour" for Heatstroke Treatment, MILITARY MEDICINE, 169, 3:184, 2004

Not all cooling packs are created equal.

The Cryo Cooling Pack is 27˚F colder than standard ice packs.

Due to its proprietary formulation, the Cryo cooling agent is capable of achieving greater cooling, both faster and longer, than a traditional ice pack. And with its cloth-lined feature, the threat of patient skin irritation is eliminated.

So Easy To Use by Anyone!

Any Trainer or Coach Can Immediately Initiate Effective Cooling with the Cryo Cooling System.

Simply “Punch the Pack” and apply to the carotid triangle region on the neck, where the body’s entire blood supply passes every 3.5 minutes.

Proven effective in EMS, Emergency Rooms and ICUs in lowering patient temperature up to 3˚C/5.4˚F in less than 20 minutes.

  • 100% Safe. No Reported Complications.
  • Simple & Effective.
  • Medical Grade Cooling

Cryo Products are FDA registered and have CE Mark registration with compliant Quality Management System and medical device tracking.

  • Pack is -5˚C/23˚F in seconds.
  • 15˚C/27˚F Colder vs. Standard Ice Packs
  • 20-60 Minutes of Below 0°C/32˚F

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  • Access & links to additional published clinical studies on heat stroke and athletes:
      • The Golden Hour for Heatstroke Treatment
      • Consensus Statement- Prehospital Care of Exertional Heat Stroke
      • National Athletic Trainers’ Association Position Statement: Exertional Heat Illnesses

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