Details & Specifications

The EXCEL Cryo Cooling System is a product specifically designed to cool the brain.  It represents a product solution where only “methods” of cooling, such as infusing chilled saline or use of cold packs, existed previously.

The EXCEL Cryo Cooling System consists of a unique cervical immobilization collar and a cooling element. Once activated, the cooling element achieves a temperature of -5.0°C within seconds.  The collar is fitted around the patient’s neck and the cooling element is applied to the front of the neck over the carotid arteries and secured in place by the collar. By cooling the blood traveling directly through carotid arteries, the system induces selective cooling in the brain.  A healthy volunteer study found the EXCEL Cryo Cooling System induced selective brain cooling within 18 minutes on average, and provided up to a 1.7°C temperature reduction in 26 minutes.  Unlike healthy volunteers, compromised patients may cool even faster. 

In ten seconds, any first responder can apply and activate the EXCEL Cryo Cooling System, providing consistent cooling for the injured patient.  Cooling can continue indefinitely without the risk of rewarming.  The consistent and reproducible results showcase one of the many benefits of adopting a product to induce selective brain cooling, as opposed to a method.  The EXCEL Cryo Cooling System is also the only product available that can non-invasively reduce brain temperature during resuscitation. With the AHA recommending the initiation of cooling as early as possible since 2010, this capacity to induce hypothermia so quickly is incredibly valuable – and unique.