“I Owe Them My Life” – Live Well Winter 2013

Barbara Miller will be the first to tell you she probably shouldn’t be here today.  But thanks to the quick response of her coworkers at the Avon Distribution Center, and true teamwork from first responders and Genesis, she’s a walking miracle.

“The staff in the Critical Care Unit at Genesis told me I was their miracle child,” said Barbara, the 47-year-old mother of four daughters. “They said I was too young to be there, and they couldn’t believe how quickly I recovered after coding three times. It just wasn’t my time.”

The Winter 2013 Issue of Live Well, a healthcare publication put forth by the Genesis Healthcare System based in Zanesville, OH, tells the emotional story of 47 year-old mother, Barbara Miller, now a cardiac arrest survivor.  Thanks to quick teamwork, and the right equipment, her life was saved with no resulting damage: “Washington Township Fire Chief Gene Hanning radioed ahead to Genesis-Good Samaritan that a post-cardiac arrest patient was on her way to the emergency room. Because the ER was given a heads-up, the staff had already initiated the cooling collar that would help prevent brain damage, said Joel Dickinson, NREMT-P, EMSI, consultant with Genesis Trauma Services.”

See the full issue & read the article here (page 7).

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