Product Features

Excel Cryo Cooling System and Cooling Element for web 300x177 Product FeaturesThe EXCEL Cryo Cooling System uses the functional design of a traditional cervical immobilization collar incorporated with a distinctively designed front door and cooling element.  The front door allows for easy replacement of the cooling element every 20 minutes as recommended without disruption of the function of the c-collar, ensuring that the Cryo induces cooling, while maintaining standard immobilization protocols.

The cooling element itself is a hazard-free, cloth-covered, disposable device.  Its safe design ensures the cold will not adversely affect the skin of the patient’s neck, allowing the system to be used to maintain a cooler-than-normal temperature for an indefinite amount of time.  The EXCEL’s safety for hours of use gives it the versatility for use in the pre-hospital and in-hospital environment, a distinctive advantage over previous methods that were restricted to in-hospital use, or unable to maintain temperature.

Selective Cerebral Cooling

The EXCEL Cryo’s front door design holds the cooling element, when activated, in contact with the skin over the carotid triangle.  The cooling element cools the blood going through the carotid arteries flowing to the brain.  The carotid arteries vasodilate, or expand, when cooled. By non-invasively cooling the direct source of blood to the brain, cooling can be achieved quickly, with minimal effort by EMS and the ED personnel. 

Ease of Application

The EXCEL Cryo’s simple design contributes greatly to its ease of use.  The system can be applied and the cooling elements activated within seconds by any first responder, whether that person is Advanced (ALS) or Basic (BLS) Life Support trained, firefighter or police.  The system is non-invasive.   Expensive refrigeration is not needed on vehicles.  In addition, the EXCEL Cryo is consistent with most current pre-hospital and in-hospital cooling protocols.  The system itself is non-toxic, contains no latex and is non-hazardous as it is inert and without an expiry date.