Excel Cryo Cooling System and Cooling Element for web 300x177 Products In-hospital cooling protocols for patients suffering from trauma such as cardiac arrest have been in place since 2005.  In 2010, as a result of  increasing scientific research and clinical studies, the AHA updated therapeutic hypothermia to a Class IA recommendation to cool as soon as possible after return of spontaneous circulation. This meant for first responders, typically EMS personnel, to begin cooling a patient at the scene of an incident such as a cardiac arrest.  Despite the importance of therapeutic hypothermia, there was not a product available that was proven to consistently and safely cool just the brain, only methods of systemic cooling, such as the use of cold packs or infusing chilled saline.

During incidences of cardiac arrest, the blood supply to the brain is interrupted. This lack of blood flow is called ischemia, and, when affecting the brain, is called global cerebral ischemia.  Without vital oxygen, a neuroinflammatory response is created and an electrolyte imbalance occurs, subsequently allowing the buildup of calcium in cells. This triggers the production of neurotoxic chemicals and calcium-dependent enzymes which breaks down cells and is referred to as excitotoxicity.  The cells become more permeable to the harmful chemicals and leads to damage of the mitochondrial membrane, causing release of pro-apoptotic factors inducing cell suicide. Cells that die due to necrosis cause a release of glutamate and other neurotoxic compounds that act on surrounding cells and perpetuate excitotoxicity.  Cooling is therefore induced to reduce metabolism and blunt the body’s natural neuroinflammatory response mentioned above.

In response to the need for a product that could induce cooling effectively, Dr. Aqeel Sandhu, M.D., developed the Excel Cryo Cooling System.  The Excel Cryo Cooling System is an easy to use, proven 10 second solution to induce mild selective hypothermia in a patient’s brain after a cardiac arrest, heart attack, stroke, or traumatic brain injury. 

The EXCEL Cryo Cooling element achieves a temperature drop to -5°C within seconds.  This product reduces brain temperature quickly, selectively, and provides continuity of cooling from scene of incident, through transport, to the Emergency Department, Cath Lab, and Intensive Care Unit.  The distinctive design of the EXCEL contributes to its success, while its cost-effectiveness and high EMS/ED protocol compliance contribute to its high adoption rate.

10 Seconds and Done:

  • Easy to use
  • Designed to selectively cool the carotid triangle to initiate brain cooling

  • EXCEL Cooling Element achieves -5°C within seconds of activation
  • Proprietary fabric liner protect skins
  • Non-toxic, non-hazardous and latex free

Download the Technical Insert:

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