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ACEP Names Cryothermic Systems a Silver Sponsor of EMS Week 2013

The American College of Emergency Physicians has recognized Cryothermic Systems as a Silver Sponsor of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Week 2013, which is a week-long series of events dedicated to recognizing and celebrating the work performed by emergency medical service professionals in communities around the country.  EMS Week brings together local communities and medical personnel to publicize safety and to honor the dedication of those who provide day-to-day lifesaving services at medicine’s front line.

“Generous support from Cryothermic Systems and our other corporate sponsors makes possible the creation and free distribution of the EMS Week Planning Guide, which helps communities honor local EMS personnel,” said Andy Sama, MD, FACEP, the president of the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP).  “With the help of our sponsors, ACEP distributes more than 20,000 EMS Week Planning Guides across the U.S. to help them plan their public education activities throughout the year for public education and safety programs. This year, the theme of EMS Week was One Mission, One Team. We are pleased to have Cryothermic Systems as a member of our team.”

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Boone Hospital Uses New Cooling Collar in Cardiac Arrest Cases

COLUMBIA – Boone Hospital is now using a new technology in post cardiac arrest cases, the cooling collar. Columbia is the third city in the state to use the cooling collar and Boone Hospital is the first in central Missouri.

The new piece of technology is meant to lower cerebral temperature, which is the temperature in the neck and head region. The lower temperature can help reduce brain damage that can occur during a cardiac arrest, which ultimately can help save lives and also the quality of life.

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“I Owe Them My Life” – Live Well Winter 2013

Barbara Miller will be the first to tell you she probably shouldn’t be here today.  But thanks to the quick response of her coworkers at the Avon Distribution Center, and true teamwork from first responders and Genesis, she’s a walking miracle.

“The staff in the Critical Care Unit at Genesis told me I was their miracle child,” said Barbara, the 47-year-old mother of four daughters. “They said I was too young to be there, and they couldn’t believe how quickly I recovered after coding three times. It just wasn’t my time.”

The Winter 2013 Issue of Live Well, a healthcare publication put forth by the Genesis Healthcare System based in Zanesville, OH, tells the emotional story of 47 year-old mother, Barbara Miller, now a cardiac arrest survivor.  Thanks to quick teamwork, and the right equipment, her life was saved with no resulting damage: “Washington Township Fire Chief Gene Hanning radioed ahead to Genesis-Good Samaritan that a post-cardiac arrest patient was on her way to the emergency room. Because the ER was given a heads-up, the staff had already initiated the cooling collar that would help prevent brain damage, said Joel Dickinson, NREMT-P, EMSI, consultant with Genesis Trauma Services.”

See the full issue & read the article here (page 7).

EP Lab Digest Features Excel Cryo Cooling System

Cryothermic Systems is excited to announce that we are once again in the news!  EP Lab Digest, the premier journal dedicated to electrophysiology lab professionals and physicians, recently interviewed our founder, Director, and Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Aqeel Sandhu.  The article, entitled A Novel Approach in Therapeutic Hypothermia: Interview with Aqeel Sandhu, MD, FACS, was written by managing editor Jodie Elrod.  The article reviews the history of the Excel Cryo Cooling System, a detailed clinical description of the product and its positive effect on preserving brain function and contributing to better patient outcomes during such incidences as cardiac arrest.

The article highlights the Cryo’s position as “the only selective brain cooling product out there” and further emphasizes its ease of use in conjunction with its efficiency: “The people that have used it really love it because it is easy to use, and it allows EMTs to focus on resuscitating the patient.”  The Excel Cryo is the only non-invasive, easy to use, rapid cooling system and is effective from arrival on scene through transport, ED, imaging, Cath lab and to the ICU. To read the full article, click here.


Press Release – Cryothermic Systems Awarded Three Patents

“Cleveland, Ohio – (December 19, 2012) Cryothermic Systems, Inc., a medical device company developing and marketing novel products in the field of cerebral cooling, has received three additional patents for its product, the Excel® Cryo Cooling System.  Chairman and Co-Founder of Cryothermic Systems, Dr. Aqeel Sandhu, was the primary inventor for the latest three patents.”


Five Cleveland Healthcare Companies Poised for Greatness

“When you get right down to it, Cleveland-based Cryothermic Systems has a fairly straightforward reason behind its successful foray into the healthcare market. “We have a very effective, novel product that meets an unmet need,” says president and CEO Mike Burke.” -Douglas Guth


What Works on WKYC

The EXCEL Cryo Cooling System profiled on the local NBC affiliate.  The story focuses on the roll out of the EXCEL Cryo Cooling System by the University Hospital EMS group in Cleveland, Ohio.



New equipment in Rockford ambulances could save your life if you have a heart attack.

Rockford Fire Department ambulances will now have “hypothermia collars” on them. Emergency crews use the collars to lower a patient’s temperature, which helps preserve brain function, so they can focus on saving the heart. Before, a patient might become brain dead if their heart stopped beating for 6 to 10 minutes. Fire Chief Derek Bergsten says the collars will help first responders save more people. “Making sure the brain doesn’t die and the heart tissue also so they are going to be able to have a functional life.”

OSF Saint Anthony Medical Center helped get the collars for the ambulances.


Northeast Ohio Innovators, The Sound of Ideas, 90.3 WCPN

A doctor creates a new kind of neck brace that selectively cools the brain, protecting against neurological damage from stroke, heart attack or injury. A college professor invents a glass and silicone sponge that can suck an oil spill out of water. A Cleveland start-up finds a way to turn the bones of old homes into usable furniture. Innovators in Northeast Ohio are shaking the rust off the rust belt.

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Company donates life-saving equipment to fire department

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Cleveland, Ohio  A new, locally manufactured product has life-saving capabilities that will truly help those providing emergency medical services.

Life Core Technologies, based in Broadview Heights, produces the EXCEL Cerebral Cooling System. The inventor, Dr. Aqeel Sandhu, helped found the company in 2008 with Scott Raybuck and Brian Seitz. Sandhu presently works at Mercy Medical Center.

The cooling system, which functions as a collar, is an innovative product that makes a world of difference during an emergency situation.


A Novel Device for Non-Invasive Induction of Mild Cerebral Hypothermia- EMS Pro Magazine- March 2011

Pre-Hospital Therapeutic Hypothermia, or TH therapy has been used by caregivers for many years.  When combined with established in-hospital cooling protocols, outcomes of patients suffering from neurological injury have dramatically improved.

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Life Core Jumps into Therapeutic Hypothermia Market- MedCity News

Ohio startup Life Core Technologies LLC hopes hopes to cash in on therapeutic hypothermia, one of the hottest trends in heart attack and brain injury treatment.

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An Ohio startup is hoping to build its business around one of the hottest trends in heart attack and brain injury treatment: therapeutic hypothermia.



OSF Wants Cool Tools for Cardiac Arrest Patients- Rockford Star- Illinois, IL

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Dr. Jane Pearson, EMS medical director at OSF Saint Anthony Medical Center, watches Thursday, Aug. 5, 2010, while Rockford Fire Department Lt. Bob Vertiz practices applying a Sandhu Cerebral Cooling Collar. The collar, which lowers the temperature of blood circulating to the brain to aid pre-hospital treatment of heart patients, is expected to be in use by the Fire Department within the next month.