Fever Happens. Fever Is Bad.

When Fighting Fever in the ICU, Think CRYO.

As an independent predictor of poor outcomes in the ICU, fever must be controlled. But how effective is your current method of patient cooling? Are you tired of waiting to see if Tylenol® will work? Cryo works to treat intermittent fevers – safely, non-invasively, and cost-effectively. Use Cryo to save thousands monthly by avoiding expensive TTM disposables. If the Fever persists longer than 3 hours, then initiate longer term TTM solutions.

Approximately 70% of Neurologic Intensive Care Patients Develop Fever.

Yet most fevers last just a few hours. Cryo fights intermittent fever cost-effectively. Faster than Tylenol.® Use Cryo as initial therapy to fight fever safely while saving $.


“With just a few trial uses of Cryo Cooling , we saved $5400 in our ICU by avoiding the cost of Artic Sun. Cryo is an ideal solution for episodic fevers in our neuro ICU patients.”

Debra E. Roberts, MD, PhD Director, NeuroMedical ICU University of Rochester Medical Center


The increased length of stay due to fever equates to an estimated $10,074 in additional ICU costs and $17,414 in additional hospital costs. Fight fever at onset with a non-invasive Cryo pack that lowers body temperature up to 3°C in 20 minutes. Can be used adjunct with Tylenol® therapy and prior to definitive TTM systems.

The Cryo Cooling System – Simple, Fast & Effective.

Demonstrated To Lower Body Temperature up to 3°C in 20 minutes!

So Simple to Apply. So Fast to Cool.

A cost-effective method for fighting fever burden in the ICU.

Avoids more expensive cooling products like Arctic Sun® for intermittent fever.

In the ICU, it’s estimated that 70% of intermittent fever lasts less than 3 hours. For these instances, the Cryo Cooling System is a cost-effective alternative to products like Arctic Sun®.

The Cryo Element cools a patient non-invasively via the carotid triangle region on the neck, where the body’s entire blood supply passes every 3.5 minutes. Fever in brain-injured patients should be treated aggressively. Cryo works. Consider storing Cryo Packs in your refrigerator for even more heat absorption and up to an hour between changes.

Use Cryo Cooling Elements to fight fever safely – without discomfort, complications or shivering – adding or changing as needed every 20-40 minutes while monitoring the patient’s temperature.

The Cryo Cooling System was designed to be your Bridge to total temperature management for critical care patients. If fever persists beyond 2 or 3 hours, you should consider implementing more aggressive temperature management solutions.

“Cryo is effective at fever reduction in patients with intermittent fever and saves on the need for definitive cooling techniques like Arctic Sun.”

Debra E. Roberts, MD, PhD

Director, NeuroMedical ICU, University of Rochester Medical Center

Not all cooling packs are created equal.

The Cryothermic Cooling Element is 15°C colder than standard ice packs — reaching -5.0°C in just seconds!

Due to its proprietary formulation, the Cryo cooling agent is capable of achieving greater cooling, both faster and longer, than a traditional ice pack. In addition, with the cloth-lined feature of the Excel Cryo pack, the threat of patient skin irritation is eliminated. The Cryo Cooling Element is also both CT and MRI compatible.

It's Just So Easy To Use!

Anyone Can Initiate Effective Cooling with the Cryo Cooling System...

Simply break the pack’s inner pouch to activate its patented formula. It requires no advanced training and takes less than 10 seconds to initiate patient cooling. Nursing staff loves the ease of deployment!

“Also, the patients do not shiver, which is a major problem with some of the temperature management devices available. This not only saves us on the cost of the cooling device but also on the multiple medications that are no longer needed for shiver control. “

Debra E. Roberts, MD, PhD

Director, NeuroMedical ICU, University of Rochester Medical Center

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