Rest, Rehydrate & Cool with Cryo

Use Cryo as a Pillar for Firefighter Rehab.

Heat stress can result in fatigue, overexertion, and reduced situational awareness. This leads to slips, trips and falls, all happening in extremely hazardous conditions. Lowering of the body’s temperature as rapidly as possible in rehab improves performance and decreases the likelihood of on-scene injury or death. The Cryo Cooling System® provides for aggressive cooling of firefighters. It’s simple, safe and cost-effective for use by all firefighters and has been shown to lower body temperature up to 5.4˚F in less than 20 minutes.

Firefighting is hot and strenuous work.

The result is dehydration and heat stress. As peak performance is paramount to firefighters, use Cryo Cooling Packs for peak cooling during rehab.


Now firefighters can cool quickly and safely in rehab with a single, non-invasive Cryo pack that lowers body temperature up to 5.4°F in 20 minutes!


Simply punch the pack, shake and apply to carotid triangle region on the neck of the firefighter for immediate cooling on scene, preparing them to return to work with body temperature effectively lowered.

The Cryo Cooling Pack – Simple, Fast & Effective.

Demonstrated To Lower Body Temperature up to 5.4°F

in 20 minutes!

So Simple to Apply. So Fast to Cool.

Fast Cooling of Athletes.

Fast Cooling of Military.

Fast Cooling of Firefighters.

Cryo is Trusted by EMS, Emergency Rooms & the ICU!

Now Firefighters can bring the same medical-grade treatment into the field with them!

Cool Firefighters for Peak Performance.

Cryo Cooling Packs are an affordable way to initiate medical-grade cooling on the scene and in rehab. Paired with rest and rehydration, Cryo Cooling Packs return firefighters back to the job faster, allowing them to perform at their very best!

The Cryo Cooling Pack should be used immediately in rehab, cooling firefighters simply and non-invasively via the carotid triangle region on the neck, where the body’s entire blood supply passes every 3.5 minutes. It’s simple to apply, low in cost, and high on efficacy.

Plus, based on how the Cryo pack rapidly cools the blood supply, firefighters appreciate effective cooling without discomfort, complications, or shivering. In occasions of heat stress, Cryo packs should be placed on the axilla and groin regions until the treated firefighter is below 102 (degrees symbol) F and according to your heat stroke protocol.

The Cryo Cooling System is designed to jeep firefighters healthy and able to perform their mission.

Download our our Cryo Cooling Firefighters information sheet.

Learn more about how Cryo can be one of the new pillars of firefighter rehab: Rest, Rehydrate and Cool with Cryo.

Not all cooling packs are created equal.

The Cryo Cooling Pack is 27˚F colder than standard ice packs!

Due to its proprietary formulation, the Cryo cooling agent is capable of achieving greater cooling, both faster and longer, than a traditional ice pack. And with its cloth-lined feature, the threat of patient skin irritation is eliminated.

So Easy To Use On Scene!

Firefighters Can Initiate Effective Cooling in Rehab with the Cryo Cooling System.

Simply “Punch the Pack,” shake and apply to the carotid triangle region on the neck, where the body’s entire blood supply passes every 3.5 minutes.

  • Safe, Simple & Effective.
  • Pack is 23˚F in Seconds.

Cryo Products are FDA registered and have CE Mark registration with compliant Quality ManagementSystem and medical device tracking.

  • Lowers Body Temperature up to 5.4˚F in 20 Minutes.
  • 27˚F Colder vs. Standard Ice Packs

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