The price of the Cryo Cooling System has been lowered by 70% in order to make them more readily available in reducing fever in patients treated in the ICU and CCU. Company wants to assist over-burdened hospitals treat patients suffering from fever due to COVID-19.

 Cleveland, OH, April 10, 2020 — Cryothermic Systems Inc. announced that they have lowered the price of their FDA-registered Cryo Cooling System by 70% in order to help the frontline heroes in critical care units treat patients with fever due to illness, including COVID-19. The Cryo Cooling System is comprised of two Cryo Cooling Packs and a Cryothermic Wrap that have been shown to lower a patient’s body temperate by up to 3.0˚C in just 20 minutes.

“The ICUs in our hospitals and health systems are being overwhelmed by their patient needs, and effectively treating fever is a key concern,” said Mike Bunker, president of Cryothermic Systems. “We’ve revised our pricing during the COVID-19 crisis in order to help ease the burden of fighting this terrible virus and help hospitals address their fever burden.”

Cryo Cooling Packs have been shown to work faster than acetaminophen and are 100% safe. They are specially formulated to cool a patient non-invasively via intimate contact with the carotid triangle region of the neck, where the body’s entire blood supply passes every 3.5 minutes.

The application process is simple. Medical staff simply needs to break the Cryo Cooling Pack’s inner pouch to activate its patented formula. It requires no advanced training and takes less than 10 seconds to initiate patient cooling.

Due to its proprietary formulation, the Cryo Cooling Pack is capable of achieving greater cooling than a traditional ice pack; they are 15°C colder than standard ice packs, reaching -5.0°C in seconds after being activated, yet 100% safe due to the protective material which prevents skin irritation.

The companion Cryothermic Wrap holds the Cryo Cooling Pack securely against the carotid triangle region of a patient’s neck; both are CT and MRI compatible.

Designed to serve as a bridge to total temperature management for critical care patients, the Cryo Cooling System provides a cost-effective method for treating critical care patients prior to implementing more aggressive targeted temperature management treatments.

“With just a few trial uses of Cryo Cooling packs, we saved $5400 in our ICU by avoiding the cost of Arctic Sun,” said Dr. Debra E. Roberts, MD, Medical Director of the NeuroMedical Intensive Care Unit at the University of Rochester Medical Center.

In addition, the cloth-lined feature of the cooling pack eliminates the threat of skin irritation as well as the discomfort from shivering.

“This not only saves us on the cost of the cooling device but also on the multiple medications that are no longer needed for shiver control,” said Dr. Roberts.

Cryo Cooling Systems, encompassing both the Cryo Cooling Pack and the Cryothermic Wrap, are currently in-stock and ready to ship immediately to hospitals and health care systems.