Cryothermic will be providing demonstrations of how easy it is to use their safe and cost-effective cooling system in emergency medical situations, such as heat stroke or post-cardiac arrest.

Cryothermic Systems, Inc. announced today it will be showcasing their Excel Cryo Cooling Element at Booth 512 at the National Association of EMS Physicians (NAEMSP) 2019 Annual Meeting, being held at JW Marriott in Austin, Jan. 9-12, 2019.

Cryothermic representatives will be providing NAEMSP show attendees with a hands-on demonstration of how easy it is to use their safe and cost-effective cooling system in emergency medical situations, such as heat stroke or post cardiac-arrest.

Cryothermic Systems, Inc. is a Cleveland-based medical device company that has developed a novel approach to cooling the body using its Cryothermic Cooling System. This system was designed to provide immediate cooling to patients in emergency situations and serve as the bridge to total temperature management systems usually found in hospitals.

The Cryo Cooling System was designed to be simple and fast. Emergency medical professionals need only to break the Excel Cryo Cooling Element’s inner pouch to activate its patented formula. The pack remains inert until activated, requiring no electrical power, refrigeration, or external equipment. Usage requires no advanced certification and takes less than 10 seconds.

The Excel Cryo Cooling Element fits AHA Guidelines and has demonstrated patient cooling equal to chilled saline in out-of-hospital sudden cardiac arrest patients, cooling up to 3 degrees Celsius in just 20 minutes. As 2015 AHA Guidelines strongly recommended against the continued use of chilled saline due to its observed side effects of re-arrest and pulmonary edema, the Cryo Cooling System now provides a safe alternative for non-invasive, pre-hospital cooling.

“The NAEMSP Annual Meeting provides a real opportunity for getting our cooling products in front of EMS medical directors, clinical supervisors, medical technicians, and paramedics looking for effective cooling that saves on the need for more expensive, definitive cooling products,” said Mike Bunker, Cryothermic Systems President & CEO. “As well as showing how our product works quickly in patients suffering cardiac arrest and fever, we’ll also be showcasing its ability to treat heat stroke in athletes and military personnel. Attendees can get a hands-on demonstration of our cooling element at Booth 512 during the event.”

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