Cooling packs provide cooling cost-effectively, non-invasively and quickly

 Cleveland Ohio – (January 13, 2016)   Today, at the National Association of EMS Physicians® Conference in San Diego, CA, Cryothermic Systems announced the release of its flagship product, the Cryothermic Cooling Pack.  The Cryothermic Cooling Pack has been shown in studies to cool patients noninvasively and quickly by 1 to 3 degrees Celsius in less than 30 minutes.

For EMS systems and emergency departments, the Cryothermic Cooling Pack is a cost-effective substitute for chilled saline that can consistently cool the patient and provide a bridge to targeted temperature management systems in the hospital.   Targeted Temperature Management studies have demonstrated early cooling may improve neurological status for cardiac arrest, strokes, heart attacks and possibly other conditions.

The Cryothermic Cooling Pack can be applied in just seconds, and its size and simplicity make it the ideal product to initiate the cooling process and to maintain consistent cooling in the emergency department, the catheterization lab, and the ICU.  The proprietary catalyst makes the Cryothermic Cooling Pack 15 degrees Celsius colder than standard chemical ice packs, and it has been proven in prehospital studies to consistently cool patients.  In fact, during a poster session at the European Resuscitation Conference in Prague, Czech Republic in October, 2015, it was demonstrated that the Cryothermic Cooling Pack cooled patients at least equal to chilled saline.

“Given the 2015 AHA Guidelines recommending against prehospital cooling using large volumes of chilled saline, we believe the Cryothermic Cooling pack offers a cost-effective substitute to help improve neurological status in patients who would benefit by early cooling,” said Mike Bunker, CEO of Cryothermic Systems.  “We are pleased by the reception of our product, and we hope to become the standard of care in helping patients who would benefit from early cooling.”